Initial Features


Users can write to each other using the in game chat which supports several channels like Global, English, Trade, Roleplay and Help.

Each channel contains 1000 rooms with 20 users per room.

Chat Commands

The chat supports a variety of different commands for managing the chat, whispering to people and other features like Twitch prediction creation.

New commands will keep being added throughout the development.


The users can unlock up to 896 additional avatars (960 in total), with 480 of them being foil animated variants. Avatars appear in the chat next to each user’s messages.

Each user starts with 64 basic avatars depicting in game factions.


Similarly to avatars, users will be also able to unlock various titles by participating in Zone Link events.

Some titles can be unlocked by everyone and some will belong to only one person.

Custom Effects

Your viewers can trigger a variety of custom effects like bullet time, low gravity, making you drunk, changing the weather, messing with various parameters of the game, making you immortal or clumsy. The list is long and highly random which should create some pretty funny moments.

Twitch Chat

By connecting your Zone Link account with your Twitch account you can display and filter the twitch chat in the game.

More Twitch chatter customization features might be added at a later date.

Twitch Predictions

Zone Link allows you to either automatically create randomized Twitch predictions or to manually create them by using chat commands. Some predictions have randomized objectives and outcomes which will spice up the fun.

Twitch Redeems

You can configure fully custom bits and channel points redeems which can trigger everything and anything that is supported by Zone Link. To make things better redeems can reference other redeems and pick them randomly from the list allowing for really interesting and complex configurations.

Spawn Items

Your viewers can spawn any item from the game they desire. Thanks to the registry system you will be able to get all configured items from the game into the client instantly.

Spawn Entities

Your viewers can spawn any entity ( stalkers / mutants / vehicles / etc ) from the game they desire. Thanks to the registry system you will be able to get all configured entities from the game into the client instantly.

Spawn Sounds

Your viewers can spawn sounds inside of your game. The sounds can even move which will provide very believable effects like for example running Bloodsuckers. Thanks to the registry system you will be able to get certain sounds from the game into the client instantly.

Future Features

Mutant Abilities

Mutants will gain various abilities like projectiles, aoes, auras, trails, anomalies and other unique skills which can also trigger other abilities causing chain reactions.

Normally this only affects mutants spawned by viewers but can be enabled for every mutant in the Zone.


Zone Link will allow you to trade with other players. This feature will work with mods but both of the players will need to have some item in the game for it to be tradeable. To trade players will need to be in the same location and no further than 20 meters away from each other.


Every 3 months Zone Link will have a new challenge that people can try to beat. Each challenge will award people with titles and/or avatars for participation and foil avatars, unique titles and a small monetary reward for the winner.

Special Events

By default you can experience emissions and psi storms. Zone Link brings its own set of custom events to the table to make the life in the zone more interesting. Those special events will be triggering randomly or when conditions are met. Some can also be triggered by the Twitch viewers.

Killer & Companion

Send your character as either a killer or a companion into another player’s game. If spawned as a killer your character will try to hunt down another player, if spawned as a companion your character will follow another player. The phantom will disappear after 10 minutes.

Thieving Bandits

Your viewers will be able to spawn a thieving bandit who will try to sneak up on you and steal something from your backpack. Fear not as the bandit is not the smartest and usually gives himself away. Usually…


Zone Link will feature its own questline which is connected to mutant abilities. The questline will also feature a challenging boss fight which will test your abilities to the fullest extent and will utilize the mutant abilities to their fullest potential.